Real Estate

We represent Buyers, Sellers, Banks, Institutional Lenders, Private Lenders, Mortgage Companies, Title Insurance Companies and Mortgage Brokers regarding the purchase, sale and financing of residential and commercial real estate.

Our real estate related services include but are not limited to:

Real Estate (Residential)

We provide representation of buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants in connection with real estate matters including real estate contracts, title searches, mortgage negotiations, enforcement of real estate sales agreements, and neighbor disputes. Your decision to purchase or sell a home or refinance an existing mortgage is an important one, and it is equally important that you contact your attorney either before or when you meet with your real estate agent or mortgage broker. By allowing us to assist you from the beginning of the transaction, we can review any documents prior to your signing, thereby assuring that you are fully aware of the legal consequences of your actions. The last thing anyone needs is to unknowingly sign something that is binding that is not in their best interest. We have represented thousands of individuals who have either purchased, sold or refinanced a home.

Foreclosure (Residential)

When you are behind in your mortgage payments, we can assist you in exploring possible alternatives including workouts and refinancing. If your mortgage lender has initiated a foreclosure proceeding against you, we will assist in your defense of that action and provide you with creative solutions, which may allow you to either retain your property or maximize any equity that you have built in your property.

Commercial Real Estate

We have experience in representing purchasers and sellers of building and land. Additionally, we have assisted both landlord and tenant in lease negotiations and evictions. Whether your needs are large of small, we will work to ensure that they are met and your rights are protected.


We have assisted lenders and borrowers in commercial financial transactions whether it is a loan or line of credit. We will prepare and review all documentation necessary to effectuate your transaction and protect your rights throughout the process.

Additional Services

The practice areas mentioned elsewhere on this site are only guidelines as to the most common types of areas of the practice of law. In addition to practicing under the aforementioned areas of law, we are knowledgeable and experienced in handling a wide variety of legal issues for both individuals and business entitles. If you feel you need advice with respect to an area of law you do not see mentioned in these pages, please contact us for a free consultation.