Court Personnel

To get a divorce, you will need to speak to many people who work in the court system. You will know better what to expect from them after you review the descriptions below.

Caseflow Coordinator Keeps track of your case and manages the scheduling of hearings and trials.

Court Clerk Maintains the official court record of your case. The clerk’s office receives all court papers and may assign hearing dates.

Court Interpreter Translates court hearings from English to another language. May be provided at state expense for cases enforcing child support orders, if requested. You must provide your own interpreter in a divorce.

Court Monitor Types everything said during the court hearing. Prepares a written record of the hearing for a fee, if requested.

Family Relations Counselor Mediates disagreements and negotiates agreements in divorce cases. At the request of the judge, a family relations counselor may evaluate a family situation by interviewing each parent and the children in the family and writing a report for the judge, making recommendations about custody and visitation. Works in the Judicial Branch’s CSSD Family Services Office.

Judge Hears and decides cases for the courts.

Law Librarian Maintains legal reference and research materials for public use.